Okay.. Lately I've noticed a lot of negativity in people. I bet noone is free from blame here... We all do it, some of us just do ...

Okay.. Lately I've noticed a lot of negativity in people. I bet noone is free from blame here... We all do it, some of us just do it more often than others. Talking behind someone's back I mean. We gossip, we trash-talk, we discuss others, we tell on, criticize, taunt etc. But why? Are we hurt, are we bored, are we really so much in need of attention, do we want to speak our thoughts to others or do we envy them (I bet that's the most common reason)? Or do we just want to feel better about ourselves by making others look bad? Or maybe, we say bad things (or rumours) because of making damage... Let me tell you... none of these reasons are good enough to do it.

Whatever the reason... it's not nice! And eventually the person who looks bad in these kind of situations is the person who talks s**t. Think about it. Noone likes to be around people who are negative and say things about others. We like to be around people who are nice, make others look good (by talking good things about them) and make us feel good, right? Then.. next time we feel like talking behind someone's back (even when they've done it tous and we feel like shooting back) or our friends start to trash-talk, let's do these things instead...

...take a deep breath
...remember, nobody is perfect. Even yourself!
...remember that everyone has different interests, different background, different priorities and different beliefs
...remember, everyone makes mistakes
...instead of being negative, let's just be kind
...let's change the subject to a positive one
...make a postive compliment
...let's think about what's good about that person
...if something truly bothers us, then let's talk to the person face to face. Let's solve our problems like grown-ups do
...have respect (for ourself)

I've noticed that the more I think or talk about negative things, the more I think about them and the more they bother me. If I don't talk negative, but instead I find better things to concentrate on, I soon forget about what's upsetting me and I don't spend that much energy on it. I can move on more quickly. So maybe you want to keep that in mind as well ;)

Okay.. actually this was supposed to be an outfit post ;) ..before I continue with that, I must say that I sold my only lens and I'm currently selling my Nikon 90D too.. so these pictures from few days ago are all I have from this dress. I ordered it from Ivyrevel.com (link HERE) few weeks ago, it's on sale ;). The weather was so bad that I couldn't properly wear it, but now that the summer is back (even if only for few days), I can say that I love it! It's defenitely a summer dress for those warm summer days. Winner in my eyes ♥

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  1. Mul on viimasel ajal sama teema....tahaks lihtsalt et kõik inimesid oleksid head ja armsad, näeksid üksteises parimat ning mõtleks sellele, et ise paremaks persooniks saada ♥

    Mis kaamera plaanid asemele osta, et Nikoni maha ärid? Hübriid :D ?

    1. Tegelikult tahan osta täiskaadrit asemele 🙈 Vaatan, et kogukaal ei tuleks raskem kui mu Nikonil koos objektiiviga oli. Noh, et lisaks paremale pildikvaliteedile oleks ka parem kaasas kanda. Hetkel hoian silma peal mitmel mudelil. Kui raha kogutud, teen lõpliku otsuse ☺️